Things Dey Happen Radio Drama

Things Dey Happen is a 15-minute 13-part family centred drama series creating awareness on ways to curb gender discrimination and gender-based violence and human rights challenges that women encounter in oil and gas and mining communities.

The radio drama, currently aired in Pidgin, aims to educate women and men – and other gate-keepers of patriarchy – on ways to curb gender discrimination and gender-based violence.

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In Nigeria, as with many other countries, cases of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) are often under reported, and amidst the many government interventions, this issue still prevails in our communities.

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Maggie, an easy-going individual begins work at a mining company as a cook, only to find out that she works with a crafty womanising boss. All her attempts to avoid him proved futile as he kept devising means for her to be around him. Maggie falls into one of his sketchy devices unknowingly but he covers it up by being nice to her parents and promoting her at the workplace.

In this episode, Maggie shares how she became a victim to the dehumanising incident and the struggle of trying to break free from it.

Maggie’s resolve to confront Oga Solo after she is sexually assaulted, is strengthened when she comes in contact with an NGO that attends to cases of gender-based violence. This NGO opens her to a new world where she learns how to be better treated and respected as a woman.

With a strong voice and amidst dissuasion from her friend Flora, Maggie goes on to confront Oga Solo. What is the outcome of this action? Find out in this week’s episode of Things Dey Happen.

Maggie tries her best to avoid Oga Solo but is blackmailed and manipulated into having sex with him again. By this action, Maggie is convinced she was drugged and raped at the last party, and a scuffle ensues. While they slug it out, Johnny walks in and the story is changed as she is now accused of being a thief.

For Maggie, this is only the beginning!

Maggie opens up to her parents about her tragic encounter with Oga Solo and surprisingly, they doubt her story. She finds solace in her friend, Eliza, who sympatises with her and connects her with Madam Dora, a gender activist, who is all out to bring the culprit to book.

Will justice prevail? Find out

Maggie narrates her experience to the DPO and is advised against pursuing the case considering Oga Solo’s wealth and influence. We are introduced to Agnes, Oga Solo’s wife, who often helps to cover his atrocities.

Can Maggie ever get justice when the perpetrator entices her parents with gifts and is in good connections with the DPO?

Oga Solo continues to bully Maggie with the support of the police. It seems she is alone in her search for justice and is becoming discouraged but for her friend, Eliza, who encourages her to stay strong. Would Maggie give in to doubt and drop the case or will she see it through? How long will this case linger?

Maggie is disappointed after she discovers that Aggie, Oga Solo’s wife, has been spreading rumours about her. Oga Solo’s relationship with the DPO is threatened as his wife surprisingly ties him into the false news.

Amidst the ongoing chaos, Maggie is still physically assaulted by Oga Solo at work. Will things ever get better for her?

A cry for justice is a cry deep down in the heart of the oppressed. Maggie is, however, scared that she will become a victim of stigmatisation and so rejects the idea of publishing her story. Madam Dora ignores her plea and goes ahead to put out her story.

What implication will this have on Maggie’s case?

Maggie’s story has become the talk of the town with journalists flocking into Maruka to cover her case. She is not pleased with Madam Dora for publishing the story and confronts her for this.

While Maggie battles with the undue publicity and frustration from her parents, she receives a mysterious call threatening her life.

How far will she go to defend herself?

A determined heart can get whatever it sets out for, so it seems in the case with Maggie. Facing character assassination, and disowned by her father, Maggie is bent on getting justice despite escaping a plot against her life.

The story continues!

After refusing a bribe from Aggie, Madam Dora makes up her mind to close Maggie’s case seeing as Maggie rejects the idea of publishing her story.

Aggie’s attempt to convince Maggie to drop the case is futile even after sharing personal information about her husband, Oga Solo.

What happens next?

Frustrated by her community and left to the mercy of her abusers, Maggie now lives in fear as she escapes an attempt on her life.

With the odds stacked against her, Maggie sees suicide as a way out. Would this be the end for Maggie?

Oga Solo is furious following a confrontation with his wife, Aggie. He leaves his house, goes into Maggie’s room and stabs her repeatedly. Unknown to him, his actions are being recorded.

Would Maggi survive this attack? The story continues.


Oga Solo is fingered in the death and is indicted. At this point, community members begin to realise their unwitting complicity and start a cause towards women protection.

Victory is won at the expense of Maggie’s life.

Sponsor Ford Foundation
Partners Zenera Consulting, Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF)
Executive Producer CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade-Olowola
Producer/Director (Pidgin Version) James Amuta
Project Communication Dami Vera-Cruz
Project Manager Chelsea Shielu
Project Coordinator Elizabeth Odeniyi
Focus group (Pidgin version)
Amanda Lumun-Feese
Faith Nwadishi (Konyelum Foundation)
Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri (Spaces for Change)

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