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Things Dey Happen Radio Drama

Things Dey Happen is a 15-minute 13-part family centred drama series creating awareness on ways to curb gender discrimination and gender-based violence and human rights challenges that women encounter in oil and gas and mining communities.

The radio drama, currently aired in Pidgin, aims to educate women and men – and other gate-keepers of patriarchy – on ways to curb gender discrimination and gender-based violence.

The Community Engagement Standards

Through the SITEI-Woman initiative, we drive the adoption of the Community Engagement Standards (CES) – tool for delivering ensure smooth and effective interactions between Oil and  Gas companies and their host communities – which advocates 30% women representation in decision-making.

Approved by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources (MPR), the CES was developed through multi-stakeholder engagement across the nine oil-producing states and was presented to government ministries and agencies with a view to adopting the Standards and implementing it through the ministries and agencies.

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Episode One

Maggie, an easy-going individual begins work at a mining company as a cook, only to find out that she works with a crafty womanising boss. All her attempts to avoid him proved futile as he kept devising means for her to be around him. Maggie falls into one of his sketchy devices unknowingly but he covers it up by being nice to her parents and promoting her at the workplace.

In this episode, Maggie shares how she became a victim to the dehumanising incident and the struggle of trying to break free from it.

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With a radio drama, docudrama and several trainings, the SITEI-Woman initiative aims to drive women inclusion and fiscal and social justice.

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